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I have seen this go on, too long. It’s soon and now is,
To spill out my sputum, the season to use the mouth and
Let the gases free, if just for a clear breath or vocals.
I fair for you oh my king, if this goes on for too long,
Even you may have to swell and drop as shoki moves.

I have seen those tricks of yours and the way you, Leonard
Rose up to the seat of irons and maybe silver, with your Rose.
Since the throners want the gold taste to be their ever-flavour
Cum the only recipe that star them out but lame us down.
Will it ever be this? May it never be so I fearfully intercede.
It’s so seen that hailer hail you, yet forget not that haters eat
And if their haters never win they’ll be still. The Reggressives
Group: your throners and all their rats that live in secret eyes.
Guard your head with all helmets for they excel in loyalty tricks.

We have also seen this right-hand of yours… I never knew him to be
Such a dubious giant. This liar of ours has come to win our trust as
An accurate scribe of all our flows! What a huge fame of shame. He!
Abbah! The sacrosanctity was named so for a pointer to near-to-monk
Sacred touch. This too owns the handler. Imagine that! That all of you
Rot from the hair to foot-base. At least I thought a peep in the forest
Will be resounding. No wonder the loser will no more bear the losers’ face
As he already fell in love with the bench-men’s benchmark. What about the
Real-victor? Will he want our thanks, as in our sincere and prideful ẹ seun.
Let’s hope this game of yours plays well n save the commandment from murder.

You might as well love your father. Your father, your father.
But is it really true, that which I hear or just a pretty face makeup.
I sigh with an interrobang. Bang, bang, bang Mr Man.

We’ve seen the way they tricked us…the sport they played
Even though it seamed like chess: so easy to be au feat with, not.
We tote the tot that they loved us, but they played at our back
Where we carried them. We leaned so much on them, oh their thorny
Flesh. Will it again be? Will it be again? Will it be just rain, rain, rain?
And see well that we have sowed grain, yes great grain of vote and trust;
For that will spoil our heap and we’ll reap only a barn full of air: vain.

We are audiophiles of success tracks, will you game us some?
Will you?
We are enthusiast of welfare à gogo. Hope we’ll swim in ship goods soon?
Others too have said ‘their own’ but I speak my own for all:
You’ve said you’re king, yes we know so….but also claim your throne
And we hope at the end we don’t end up cooked and served au jus.

“If it is for this belly, it will be full with food and foodies,
If others too will die, I can’t die there because of my jeepi [GP]”.
To all who say such things await the damnation of a thousand years,
A sage just said. For the king of Glory comes and He rides on the winds
As he will give gifts to every being according as it should,
Neglecting not the beans that lost its savour in shriekamooing at the site of coconut rice:
Who will also go to heaven-below.
As a fact both are eatables and beans is even more proteinic,
And sweet as any delicacy-rival, especially in Awo.
If at all you should play the game of thrones; play north the throne.
Such a feat is delicate and deadly, it may even kill.
And hey! Fear not for we fear for you.

I wrote this yesterdays, now it’s true
At the eleventh time.

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World Pharmacists Day
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