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“If a pharmacist does not assure your therapeutic safety,WHO WILL?”


“If a pharmacist does not assure your therapeutic safety,WHO WILL?”
Now that I think of it,pharmacy is that one profession with several lives at a go hinged on it.
When there is an epidemic outbreak,the first question isn’t ” How much money do we need to tackle this?”,rather,” Do we have an effective therapy on ground?”
Now my question, who formulates the therapy?
Like the popular English saying goes,” He who pays the piper dictates the tune”
However,the professional altruism that the profession confers on its members(pharmacists) speaks largely of why a pharmacist is selfless in his service to humanity not witstanding that selflessness is a virtue that may be far from an unscrupullous being(whatever the profession).
While I stand to defend this noble profession that I have graciously embraced,I find it rather abasing that a chunk of the society do not appreciate,perhaps I should say,do not understand the intricacies of the profession.There is no use creating comparisons while neglecting the actual responsibility that accrues to each party.The health situation in developed countries has not hit the excellent mark yet let alone the developing countries(far cry!)
In lieu of the foregoing,I would implore all pharmacists and other health care practitioners to put aside all forms of professional sentiments and work synergistically to ensure that good health for humans as well as rapid response to health matters is assured.
Also,the government,in a bid to rebrand various sectors of the economy should bear in mind that good health is vital for a progressive society and for this course,the services of pharmacists cannot be sidelined or shunned.
Pharmacy profession stands as an integral part of any society in ensuring that health care in its simplest,affordable and potent form is made available as at when needed.
The just battled Ebola crisis should give us a hint to the indispensability of pharmacists.
Afterall,what do you do with diagnosis when there is no effective therapeutic design and plan on ground?
For me today,I stand in my proud regalia in joined hands with pharmacists all over the world to celebrate the long invaluable existence of the profession while also imploring fellow pharmacists to give diligence to this work.
Few weeks ago,a passionate pharmacist asked “Have we gone past the era of inventions because I do not see new ideas on board rather it is just a sketchy touch on what is preexistent?”
This seems to be the case with this profession ,it is becoming a prevailing virus on all though. However,the responsibility of a pharmacist still rests in meeting the health needs of the society by formulating new or modifying preexisting drugs to cater for such needs. Let us put knowledge to work as we seem to have a lot stored up the cerebral hemisphere.
It is paramount to say at this juncture that clinical pharmacy practice needs a transformation,a break away from the norm,a delve into what clinicals really entail; beyond just prescribing over a counter.
What if the concerned body(s) payed attention to pharmacy aching need for Pharm D programme such that a pharmacist partakes of hospital ward rounds and is more in position to monitor and counsel patients as regards drug use and drug reactions than just being enclosed in hospital stores& collecting slips over a shuttle window?
Pharmacists can never be surgeons,we are just saying,”Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar”
Industrial pharmacy would need a rebranding too.No matter how much we think we have tried in this area,novel cases arise and if we cannot meet that need as at when needed,we have failed.Perhaps the era of invention is over and industrialization is fast taking over,how about transforming what we have on ground to better brands?
We cannot retire,not anytime soon,not with epidemic outbreak year in year out.
So while we bask in the euphoria of celebration this day,we should bear in mind that for achievement to be rapid and massive,all hands must be on deck,not just by mere say.Today bears you witness in your act of commitment and posterity will judge your commitment and continuity to this course.

……viva la pharmacie……


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  1. September 25, 2015    

    Impressive! Keep it up

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World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day
"If a pharmacist does not assure your therapeutic safety,WHO WILL?"

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