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Almost indubitable is the fact that common to all growing children over the world especially on this Heart of African plain, are these playful escapades or engagements that mediate their very first interaction with their juicy environment. From the typical tropical Ade in the west and the eastern little Onye to the young Danjuma in the far north, they all have been through this social interaction that inputs in them various senses and orientations that constitute who they become when they grow up. And of course, a man is a product of his environment, the natural characters and those acquired by a child while growing amongst his playful peers actually consolidate to make him a perfect figure ; most of the characters which are to be relearnt by adults to achieve similar feat.


To start with, a typical growing child has virile short-term and long-term memory consolidation due to his or her actively developing brain, but interestingly , he keeps more of good things than bad upstairs, that is, a positive orientation towards life. A child remembers that Uncle of his who promised to buy him some candies last 4 months telling the colour and type of his outfit when the promise was made and that same child forgets his friend who beat and bruised him up just 2 hours ago. He would be seen sending forth or responding to invitation from his friend to ‘come and play’ again sooner from the dispute time ( All has been forgiven). What a perfect man attitude that is! While an adult even though blessed with intellect plus his memory still finds it difficult to substantiate the good and flush out grudges in months. Such is a good character for Adults to relearn.


Furthermore, organized teamwork is desired by men to achieve success with less stress. While adults have to instruct, preach and even compel themselves to get hanged in for a stable team, the lads need not be cajoled before each of them uptakes his assigned task to collectively achieve their playful goals. How so nice it would have been if that sense of participation is not lost on maturation? A growing child also knows nothing but to speak the truth until he encounters the world’s shady part and that was when the son of man learnt to compromise truism for survival maintenance. Hence another golden habit for the grown up to recultivate.



Nonetheless, think of agility, virility and warm-feeling, friendliness and sensitivity and say childhood. Ruminate on photographic memory, funny impulsiveness and unconditioned happiness and re-project the days between infancy and puberty, you would discern a surprising nexus. But sadly, ‘Cruelty of time’ comes to play always. The innate and acquired qualities of a perfect figure in growing child face a creeping depletion, receding the perfectness into degraded personality. Thus, the grown up has therefore needed to brace up in guarding these golden qualities and retrieving the lost ones of them leaving out only the slight notion of naiveness of childhood to maintain these characters humanity so much desires.

…With love to all growing young minds

All over the world     .



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