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The orange coloured sun by Tibukola

            Idowu hurried along the path with soo much excitement that he almost collided with Oderinde, the village palmwine tapper. The joy of freedom had so overwhelmed him that he didn’t even bother to greet the elders he met on the way. At that time, farmers were already returning from farms with their cutlasses and baskets. Some market women were also returning home. After receiving the message from his father that he will be attending a meeting at the baale’s house and may be coming home late, all he could think about was going squirrel hunting with his friends. It had being a while he had such opportunity since the supposed kidnap incidence that took place in the village the previous month. Parents kept their children mostly indoors until it was confirmed that the young lady said to have been kidnapped was actually married to a wealthy trader in the next village but ran back home.

On getting to Aina’s house, he met him playing football (with a rotten orange) outside their house and invited him to go hunting. “Don’t you think the day is far spent already?” Aina queried, “of course not. Look, the sun is still up,” he said, pointing up to the orange coloured sun, “we can still go and return quickly.”

With that, he convinced him and a few others and they set out for the bush. They decided to go a little further into the bush where the could locate bigger holes to search for squirrels. The fun of being together by themselves did not allow them to realise on time that the sun had finally set. Suddenly they were covered in darkness! It was night already.

Their childish minds did not comprehend the fact that the appearance of the orange coloured sun was not a sign of a new day but of impending night. As Yoruba’s will call it ‘atanmode soko’ which means it deceives the child and makes him leave for the farm when actually it’s time to return. It is only wise to make hay while the sun is still up. When opportunities come our ways, let’s make use of it but we must learn to watch out for the ‘orange-coloured-sun’ in everything. Don’t be caught unawares. When next you see a red-light (literarily), wait till it turns green.










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