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The Pharmacist; your partner in health


God please make this pain go. Please I plead…just make it go away…
This was the plea of a young pregnant lady as the agony of pregnancy consumed her.

Very recently, a close friend of mine got pregnant and I had to take care of her. This of course I thought was nothing so I was glad, at least initially, that I could be there for her. However, the experience was rather a nightmare; had to wake up almost as frequently as every two hours, had to be ever ready to get a bowl close to her mouth whenever vomit called, and she answered those calls quite well, because everything that went into her mouth came back right out. Nonetheless, she remained forever hungry… She blamed herself for getting herself, and myself anyway, into the mess she was in because even her could not predict what her next mood was going to be; the mood swings. I watched her sleep and tendered her while she was at it and all along I thought to myself: my God what have I gotten myself into? Luckily for me, sleep eventually came to my rescue. However, in the middle of my much desired sleep, I began to hear sounds of repeated sobs which prompted my wakefulness; it was her, my pregnant friend that I found at the end of it.

In low sobbing voice she started, “My God what am I to do with this baby now? Its barely six weeks old and I have two more years to complete my degree, of course keeping it is not an option, and I can’t visit the hospital for termination; abortion is illegal in our country, Nigeria. The worst of all, I don’t want to die and I see girls who take pills in movies ending up this way after grueling in pain for minutes with their hands on their tummy…on and on she continued before I intervened with these few words: my dear, just talk to your pharmacist, he’s your partner in health, he will never judge you for your actions, rather he’ll help you find that best way to maintain the good health you so desire. Please I beg u sweaty, don’t self-medicate.

The role of pharmacists in any society is of age long potency in sustaining the life of everyone that lives therein. He devotes his entire education to learning about nature and how to utilize its resources to ensure mankind’s prevalence over unwanted health conditions. However, over time, her role has undergone several transformations in a bid to adapt to the changes that accompanies time. Nowadays, your pharmacist is the most easily accessible health professional, and the quickest point of contact in counseling you when any question regarding your health arises. He is now saddled with more knowledge on the human body system, social skills of interaction, and as well administrative skills to enhance delivery of good health services. He is not there to judge your actions, rather he is here to hear you out and help you make the best decisions, because in as much as a common saying says that your health is in your hands, the pharmacist takes it upon himself to help you pick them up in times when it appears you’ve let them slip, and thus fall off. He dusts them, cleanses them and returns them back in your hands with check-ups on occasions to ensure they remain safe in those sometimes sloppy hands.

He is not interested in why you are in the condition you are in, rather he is interested in taking you out of the pain or unhealthy situation you are in and giving the best advice to prevent subsequent dip into those unhealthy/inconvenient pools. A partner is someone you can trust in dealings involving huge investments. Hence, as a woman makes a man her soul partner based on mutual love and similar future plans, so should you, and me, and everyone in general, make the pharmacists our partner in health as there is no greater joy for a pharmacist than hearing a person’s health complaints and helping them alleviate the pain, and recovering the joyful smile on the pretty faces.
So, jubilate with us and spread the partnership news as we celebrate the birth of this noble profession; pharmacy.

Viva la Pharmacie.

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World Pharmacists Day

World Pharmacists Day
"If a pharmacist does not assure your therapeutic safety,WHO WILL?"

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