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I’ve seen many likes; of thin caste

Haven been here since it

All began.

My eyes have groaned since fall

Hoping for the song of spring

As the birds used to,

And the glamour of autumn

That paints the trees.

Since Adam I’ve been this

And only I was left after them

…Yes I know them all,

Still my wants surpass all

Wants. I birthed their heads.

The Creator calls me World



I cry and wine my tears over, and over

Wanting to know love; but not.

Men just love themselves; as they always dew

Holding hands, kissing mouths

And lying lips.

At least they spooned; but me

Looking still for a lover, searching

For a man who will break the wall,

To hate the world of no love.

The hero who will wake,

And cleanse my face with hope

Just one lover….just o    n    e



I’ve seen many times; of this count,

More than billions of methuselah.

That’s why I sing of Judas, for many

I’ve seen, and still will be.

My gems I gave to men:

Failures who thrust my trust through,

Countless made their wealth with my gift,

Only to turn and wet my fair hair with shame:

They ate the grass and peed on the fruitful soil.

I, Yes I ….will still regret

Till the moment your eyes bright,

My hero.


For eon, I’ve been needy:

Badly for men crazy to change.

Countless mountains  melted to sand

While I waited still….For a man

A man mad for change.

Men who only will please their belly

If need be for it.

In my dirge I’ve sat all times lost,

Hoping for a lovely melody

Running down the lips of Eve’s kids.

And such song I’ll still wait for,

Till the generation comes, holding up their arms

Lifting the flag for fuller breeze.

Till then…..Wait will I






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World Pharmacists Day
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